Past ITS Forums

2017 ITS Forum – November 8, 2017


The 23rd Annual ITS Forum was held on Tuesday, November 8, 2017 at Alumni Memorial Union located on the Marquette University campus.

Some speaker presentation have been made available:

-Dr. J. Gary Smyth, GM, “ITS America Update: The Road to the Next Generation of Mobility”

Session 1: Technology
-Robert Hemmerich, Alcatel –Lucent, “IoT and the Impact of Roadside IP Networking”
-Amarpal Matharu, PE., Illinois Tollway, “ITS Maintenance Changes with an Active Traffic Management System”
-Jonathan Riehl, UW-Madison and Liz Schneider, PE, PTOE, WisDOT , “Evaluating Multiple Data Sources for WisDOT Travel Times”

Session 2: Emerging Issues in ITS
-Christopher Hiebert, PE, SEWRPC, “Vision 2050″
-Collin Castle, Michigan DOT, “Michigan DOT Connected and Automated Vehicle Support”

Session 3: Innovative Mobility
-Ashley Booth, HNTB , “East/West BRT”
-Michael Loughran, PE, Toole Design Group, “Preview of the 2018 AASHTO Guide for the Development of Bicycle Facilities”
-Aaron Westling, Shared Use Mobility Center, “New Technology in Shared Mobility”

Session 4: Connected and Automated Vehicles and Controls 
-Peter Rafferty, UW-Madison, “Automated Vehicles in Wisconsin”
-Brian Scharles, Jr., TAPCO, “DSRC Enhanced Curve Warning System”



2016 ITS Forum – September 28, 2016

its_forum_2016_small_logo_finalThe 22nd Annual ITS Forum was held on Wednesday, September 28, 2016 at Union South located on the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus. There were 170 attendees. Some speaker presentations have been made available:

- Ed Bradley, Toyota, “OEM Perspective of Connected and Automated Technology”

Session 1: Smart Cities
- Yang Tao, City of Madison Traffic Engineering Division “Smart Cities”
- Suman Banerjee, UW-Madison, “WiRover Project”
- Frank Perry, HNTB, “Smart Columbus Partner Collaboration”

Session 2: Technology
- David Gallagher, Ohio Test Center AASHTO, “Flying Sensors”
- Kirk Contrucci, C.P., Ayres Associates, “Drone Inspection”
- Todd Foster, Ver-mac, “Smart Work Zones”

Session 3: Connected Vehicles
- Natalie Smusz-Mengelkoch, Kimley-Horn, and Jon Riehl, UW-Madison, “Emerging Technologies – Wisconsin Programming Preparedness”
- Bob Frey, Tamp Hillsborough Expressway Authority (THEA), “Tampa Connected Vehicle Pilot Deployment”
- Mike Haas, IBI Group, “ATMS and ATIS in CV/AV Emerging Technologies”

Session 4: Multi-Modal Transit
- Ashley Booth, HNTB, “Milwaukee Streetcar”
- Brian Dranzik, Milwaukee County Transit, “Milwaukee BRT”
- Nate Roseberry, TY Lin International, “City of Chicago Bicycle Accommodations”

2015 ITS Forum – September 23, 2015


The 21st Annual ITS Forum was held on Wednesday, September 23, 2015 at the Richard T. Anderson Education Center on the Waukesha County Technical College Campus. Dr. Alexander Drakopoulos of Marquette University was presented the ITS Wisconsin Distinguished Service Award for 2015. Presentations of the sessions are available below

Morning session

- Keynote Address – Dennis Motiani, National Operations Center of Excellence
- WisDOT’s TSM&O CMM Implementation Plan – Anne Reshadi, WisDOT
- Madison MPO ITS Plan – Bill Schaefer, Madison Planning Board
- Arizona Connected Vehicle Testbed - Shayan Khoshmagham, University of Arizona
- Connected Vehicle and Dynamic Mobility Applications Pilot Program – James Sturrock, FHWA/JPO
- ITS Wisconsin Project of the Year – Verona Road Adaptive Signal Control Deployment – City of Madison and Strand Associates

Afternoon session
- Driverless Vehicle Test Bed – Mark Fayta, Iteris
- Cellular Remote Traffic Signal Cabinet Status – Matt Zinn, Eberle Design, Inc.
- Changes to Cabinet & Controller Specifics for Connected Vehicles – Dan Vanada, Econolite Control Products, Inc.
- EnLighten Real Time Traffic Signal Information – Matt Ginsberg, Connected Signals, Inc.
- Utah DOT Citizen Reporting – Lisa Miller, UDOT
- Truck Parking Information – Randy Hoyt, WisDOT

2014 ITS Forum

Innovating for the Future (20th Annual ITS Forum)
October 2, 2014, Madison, Wisconsin

2013 ITS Forum

Staying Connected (19th Annual ITS Forum)
October 31, 2013, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

2012 ITS Forum

Technology & Interconnectivity (18th Annual ITS Forum)
October 30, 2012 Madison, Wisconsin

2011 ITS Forum

ITS Best Value – Best Practices! (17th Annual ITS Forum)
November 1, 2011, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

2010 ITS Forum

ITS Working (16th Annual ITS Forum)
October 26, 2010, Brown Deer, Wisconsin

2009 ITS Forum

ITS Everywhere (15th Annual ITS Forum)
October 20, 2009, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

2008 ITS Forum

ITS Coming of Age (14th Annual ITS Forum)
October 14, 2008, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

2007 ITS Forum

Building Success (13th Annual ITS Forum)
November 14, 2007, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

2007 Annual Meeting

The ITS Role in Congestion Relief
April 3, 2007, Madison, Wisconsin

2006 ITS Forum

October 31, 2006, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

2006 Annual Meeting

May 3-4, 2006, Oconomowoc, Wisconsin
May 3, 2006 – Lessons Learned in Emergency Traffic Operations & Evacuation Planning
May 4, 2006 – ITS in Wisconsin – A Status Report